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“Blessed be His glorious name forever; let the whole earth be filled with His glory!”  (Psalm 72:19 AMP)

The first line in my book [The Purpose-Driven Life] is this: “It’s not about you.”  People are fed up with and sick of our me-oriented, narcissistic culture.  They’re saying, there must be more than my own self-fulfillment.  Well yes, there is.  We are made by God for God.  Until you see this, life makes no sense.

Here in the world, life feels like non-stop problems.  Either you’re in a problem now; or you’re just coming out of one; or you’re just going into one.  Why?—because God puts your character ahead of your comfort.  During our existence on earth, we rightfully hope to be reasonably happy, but that’s not the point.  (If you think God wants you to be unhappy, you don’t know Him well enough yet.)  The point of everything going on with us is to get us more like Christ..  I used to think of life as valleys, and hills.  You crawl through a low time, then you ascend to a mountain top...then back down and back up, over and over.  Now though, I believe it’s like two rails on a railroad track.  At all times, you have both something bad and something good happening together.  If you obsess over the bad things, you’re in a prison of self-absorption.. It’s so much better to let the good things keep you caring for God and for others.

Only by being in relationships will you grow up spiritually.  In “religions,” the holy ones are men who isolate themselves, who stay away  from everybody and avoid being involved with people.  Was Jesus like that?  No.  He gave all of Himself to all His creation.  And no, we can’t match that.  But we are here to practice what we’ll be doing in Heaven—loving God by loving His people, with none left out.

Adapted from Rick Warren by Mary Wilson