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“My advice to you is this: Go to God and present your case to Him. For He does great works too marvelous to understand. He performs miracles without number.” (Job 5:8-9 NLT)

Faith is the expression of what you believe about God. If you have the idea that He sits in a far-off place and half-heartedly hears your prayers, then that will reveal itself in your day-to-day walk of faith. Your God will seem small, weak and disinterested. If, instead, you believe that God is right beside you as His Spirit energizes you, and that He is familiar with the tiniest details of your life, then such belief will ignite your faith.

Faith lifts off from the simplest assertion that the Lord we have is the real one...He exists and He is the truth of everything. God is!
Not only is God real, but He is intimately concerned with every bit of your life, and wants to engage in a never-ending relationship with you. God is love!

You never have to wonder if God will be fair to you and treat you right. His application of justice is absolutely perfect. God is just!
God understands your heart and soul, your pains, and your questions about Himself. You cannot ever surprise or shock Him. God is all-knowing.

You never have to wonder where God is. Wherever you are and whatever you are doing, God is there. God is everywhere!
There is nothing over or above God. No matter how huge the troubles and heartbreaks in your life, you have the way to make it through them—by God’s almightiness on your side. God is all-powerful!

God is dependable to the uttermost. No matter how far you stray away from Him, He still stays with you. Regardless of what goes wrong, He will always welcome you back. God is faithful!

{by Mary Wilson}