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"God is on one side, and all the people on the other side, and Christ between them, to bring them together, by giving His life." (1 Tim 2:5-6 LB).

Let’s say something comes up unexpectedly, not an emergency yet something you need to talk with Pastor Kenn about as soon as you can.  So you drive here to church, hoping and praying he’s in the building and available to see you.

In the parking lot, you’re glad Pastor’s car is there; at least he must be around.  The door to Borrows Hall is unlocked.  When you enter and head for the offices, soon you encounter the indefatigable duo, Brother Luis and Sister Deanna.  “Is Pastor Kenn in?” you anxiously ask them.  “Do you think I could speak to him now?  It’s pretty important.”

Both Deanna and Luis tell you, “Well, we were just with him in the kitchen.  He’s probably in his office; you can look.”  As you take their advice, you notice; the door to Pastor’s office is closed, but you do hear his so-familiar voice on the phone.  Not daring to interrupt, you wait for silence (far enough away so you weren’t overhearing the call)  and then you knock.  It is at the very instant when Pastor Kenn opens that door and you are face-to-face, with him in person, that proves he’s actually present.  You know he’s there to be with you, to bring you God’s peace.

This simple scene lays out the basic steps you took when you became a Christian.  Things kept coming up in your life that made you feel a need to be with Jesus.  You noticed signs—the Bible, churches—that gave you hope Jesus was around somewhere.  You met people who assured you, they’re with Jesus and you can be too.  Then you even heard His voice and thought I’ll be with Him soon.  At last, the moment: God’s Holy Spirit opened the door; and proved that , Yes, Jesus really was there for you—in person, face-to-face.  You knew He’d be available to you always for everything.  You knew the truth that by getting to Jesus, you’d gotten with God.

by Mary Wilson from Lee Strobel