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"He [God] is like a father to us, tender and sympathetic to those who reverence Him." (Psalms 103:13 LB)

(This is the true story of a father and son, Richard E. Hoyt Senior, and Junior.  The story is told by the son, who communicates by specialized computer soft-ware.)

Due to cerebral palsy, I cannot speak or walk.  But together, my father and I are TEAM HOYT...we go all over the world, competing in marathons and triathlons.  We do this to educate others about the abilities of people with disabilities.  We started in 1979, when Dad pushed my wheelchair in a 5-mile road race.  We finished next-to-last; but the “running” made me feel as if my disability disappeared.

So Dad had a special chair built for me and we joined a club.  Soon we were doing 2 or 3 races a weekend.  On Father’s Day 1985, we competed in our first triathlon.  It included a 10-mile run, where Dad pushed me; then a 1-mile swim, where Dad pulled me in a life raft by a rope around his chest; then a 50-mile bike ride, where Dad towed me in a cart behind him.  After that, we did our first Ironman triathlon.  As of now, we have competed in 6 Ironman, plus 25 Boston Marathons, plus 919 other races!!

If it weren’t for Dad, I’d be living in a place for disabled people.  Dad is not only my arms and legs, he’s the one who give me so much more to live for than I could’ve dreamed.  He’s the hero who inspires me so we can both inspire others.  Thanks from my heart, Dad, for being the best father a man could be.  Thanks for being a father like God.

{adapted by Mary Wilson}