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Gayathri Pratap (affectionately called 'Guy') was born and raised a Hindu Brahmin, a member of India's highest orthodox caste. She grew up learning and practicing the ancient rituals and rites of her Indo-Aryan ancestors who had settled into Northern India over 4000 years ago. Both her grandfathers ministered as high priests in Hindu temples, and Guy's own father and brothers were initiated into this exclusive belief system. But Jesus had another plan for her. He pursued her relentlessly (like only He can!) till He finally captured her heart 18 years ago. But the journey hasn't been easy. Ostracized from her community for her 'conversion', and often ridiculed for her new beliefs, Guy continues to work out her salvation, finding herself over and over again within the pages of God's marvelous redemption story. Today, Guy is a credentialed AG minister and co-Pastors with her husband, Ramey, in the greater Boston area. She is also the blessed mom of three homeschoolers: Samira (13), Sanjay (11), and Silas (7). Whether folding laundry, sifting through curriculum, parsing the Word, or ministering to a troubled soul, Guy continues to enjoy and live out her mission as the Holy Spirit leads.
Alison Gerber, Pastor of Second Congregational Church in Peabody, MA. Alison grew up in the suburbs of Sydney, Australia. She went to Sydney University where she received her B.A. in English Literature and Art History and Theory, and later received her Post Grad Certificate in Screenwriting from the University of Technology, Sydney. She worked as a bookstore clerk before taking an internship at her local church as an assistant pastor and finding her life's calling and passion. Alison is married to Jonathan and the proud Mom of Ralph and Ivy. Alison and Jonathan moved to Hamilton in 2010 when Ralph was just a baby, shortly after which their daughter Ivy was born and Alison began her Masters in Divinity at Gordon-Conwell Theological Seminary.
Deanna Wilson Stephens: First and foremost, Deanna wants you to know that no matter what, God loves you! She loves to teach others how to make God's Word come alive in their lives and to encourage others to grow and answer the call on their lives. Deanna has been inministry for over 35 years and is licensed and ordained through Restoration Fellowship International out of Cleveland, TN under the leadership of Dr. John Looper. She has been given stewardship over Whole Heart Believer Ministries and serves as the radio host of Whole Heart Radio. She is also currently serving on a missions assignment as Senior Mentor to staff and students at The Fold Family Ministries in Lyndonville, VT. She has been married for 35 years and has been wonderfully blessed with 3 creative, hardworking, sometimes moody but ever growing in the Lord children! She has no words for her 5 grandchildren except maybe handsome, beautiful, super intelligent, extremely gifted, remarkable, ever precious, blessings from God!

Yaniris Gomez was born in Bronx, New York, and raised in New Bedford, Massachusetts, by Dominican parents. She gave her life to Christ at 17 years old by an Adventist who came to her door. At the age of 24, she was invited to Christian Fellowship Center by a friend, when she re-committed her life to the Lord. Yaniris serves willingly in the Women's Ministry and was called to work for Bloom under Teen Challenge Ministry as a full time Biblical Counselor on site. As a single 30 year-old, Yaniris is thankful that she has so much time to devote to God. In the future, she hopes to lead an Evangelistic Ministry.